About Us

"There is always space for improvement, no matter how long you've been in the business."
Oscar De La Hoya

The Cosmopolitan Chamber of Commerce & Industries (CCCI) is a well structured network of Businesses and Business persons across the globe, promoting ethical Business practices, fostering compassion and companionship and focused on the overall development of the Individual members through a series of Partnership programs. At CCCI, we believe that our members are our business.

International Network

We will, together, build an International network of cooperation and goodwill based while bringing together a platform of mutual learning and sharing of expertises and experiences through various activities across the globe. CCCI aims to establish its representative Chapters in more than 50 countries over the next couple of years through a systematic expansion plan.

International Directory

The effort will see businesses speaking directly to businesses, effectively removing the risks involved through unscrupulous middle men. Currently there are no accountable platforms other than Third party certifiers whose role is also largely circumspect. We have seen traders suffer badly due to poor quality imports or bad payments or inordinate time delays. A CCCI International Directory and its Due Diligence methods within each chapter would create a network of quality and of Fair Business practices; effectively paving way for Businesses whose track record is good and transparent.

CCCI intends to promote the following in a structured pattern: -

  • Create Family environment of Oneness among its member community, enabling the spirit of togetherness
  • Promote ethical practices among the Business fraternity
    Develop a Continuous Improvement Program for its members in enhancing their performances
  • Be part of Community Development Representations & Delegations
  • Enable a Global Ethical Business Ecosystem building & Networking Enable Innovations
  • Encourage Global Deals, Negotiations, Enabling platforms etc
  • Bring together Investors, Large Corporates to startups and various providers and stakeholders  
  • Explore business from Large Businesses, Government Projects, MSMEs, CSR Initiatives, Startups
  • Facilitate Investment opportunities, Due-diligence platforms both offline & online.
  • Enable a Global Stakeholders' marketplace & Ecosystem.
  • Facilitate Training and Consultancy Services, Facilitate Export & Import Promotion activities
  • Liaison with governments, policy making bodies & other agencies for a smooth business environment

Structured Program

  • Monthly meetings
  • Annual Conferences & Events
  • Local, National & International Business Awards
  • Symposiums on political impact on Businesses
  • Workshops on Business practices
  • Training for Young Entrepreneurs
  • Global network of opportunities
  • International exposure to the members