Activus is a Club of Creative Togetherness started in the year 2015 in Dubai, UAE by Sujil Chandra Bose, a former theatre person along with a few creatively inclined friends. It is a gathering which meets in a structured format once every week. The group comprises people from the age of 18 to 60. There are members who enjoy acting, writing screen plays and lyrics, singing, composing, directing and producing while there are others who enjoy supporting the activities as promoters. The gathering has produced several Short films (Jump is one of them which won two International Awards - Italy & UAE) and is now all set to be expanded to India. A tried and tested format, Activus is not just a creative club; but a forum for self improvement for everyone, be it a shy person with inhibitions or people with restrictive disorders. Activus does not judge its members or their abilities and provides an equal opportunity platform for everyone, giving each one a chance to liberate themselves from their emotional baggage. Activus has now been brought under CCCI (Cosmopolitan Chamber of Commerce & Industries) which is the parent body that is being set up in over 30 countries across the globe. Activus is an International body with a global outlook and a clear structure that shall be replicated in every center. Every member will pay a onetime membership fee of US$40 (Rs.2600 plus) to the CCCI for an Annual accreditation apart from the refreshment expenditure every week which is decided by the local Chapters. Each Chapter shall be governed by a Chairman and Board of Directors who are elected every year by members. Activus activities will include Workshops, Engagement Forums, Face to Face with Celebs, Short films and Plays, Musical Sessions, Music Videos, Award Ceremonies etc