Mission and Objective

Promote and develop economic well – being and aid the progress of members and their establishments in the most ethical manner by providing a collective voice to represent and protect members’ interests, facilitate quality services to help members enhance their competitiveness, enable standard deal makings and strategic associations and partnerships and succeed in their businesses thereby contributing significantly to the economic progress of nations.
Society, a large part of comprising the middle class or lower, considers business as a necessary evil. Some of these issues could be attributed to unethical practices by Business houses. Government regulations are not just enough to curb such practices but a self regulatory environment born out awareness will. This is where why CCCI becomes relevant in modern times.
CCCI initiatives will pan out exercises that will curb them through an inclusive approach; through continuous training sessions, workshop and awareness programs that would make a lasting impact on our society; in the process enabling CCCI and its leaders, a larger role to play.


  • Become a platform that promotes the spirit of Oneness among the business fraternity
  • Develop programs that cater to the development of each individual member
  • Become a social factor where businesses would spearhead community development
  • Promote ethical businesses and standard practices, globally through a structured togetherness of Business owners and Enablers.
  • International Directory of Businesses that conform to the CCCI Fair Business Practice guidelines.
  • Access to business opportunities worth Millions of dollars, globally.
  • 360 Degree Technology enabled platform for Management and better networking.
  • Online Global Marketplace of entire stakeholders of the ecosystem.
  • Provide a platform for Startup to large Innovations with the help of the Business network